Bellingham going all out for Memorial Day

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Usually Whatcom County residents have to drive nearly all the way to California to get a taste of iconic fast food favorite In-N-Out Burger – the closest restaurant is more than 500 miles south in.

"All gave some, some gave all" I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! 3 day weekends are always double edged swords. You love the 3 day weekend when it’s happening because you get that extra day off but when you get back to work on Tuesday you have missed a day of work and are already behind on the week.

 · Bellingham’s biggest and best street fair of the year for all ages and tastes! Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is when the annual and historic Ski to sea relay race takes place. The race finishes at Marine Park but is celebrated in the heart of Fairhaven with a giant, ALL-DAY multi-street party-THE HISTORIC FAIRHAVEN FESTIVAL.

The event’s organizers have placed the blame for their latest disappointment squarely on the shoulders of bellingham mayor kelli Linville. for the loss of two skiing legs. But with the Memorial Day.

Jennifer Seifried The Bellingham Herald. and Tuesday is a day of rest for the team. They will all be leaving before sunrise Wednesday morning to fly out of Seattle and arrive in Monticello late.

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Whatcom Home & Garden Show – SATURDAY ENTRY. Thanks for joining us at the 2019 Whatcom County Home & Garden Show.presented by the Building Industry Association of Whatcom.

Hastings puts Memorial Day in perspective by emphasizing that "it’s the people in military uniforms who are heroes, not professional athletes or movie stars." For updates and background information on Facebook, go to "Bellingham Memorial Day Parade 20 May 2018."

Check out this thorough Washington Post article to read about the histories and differences between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. This Saturday, May 28th, starting at noon, is the Blossomtime Parade which has been a Bellingham tradition since 1920. Presented by Sanitary Service Company (SSC), the Blossomtime Parade features local marching.

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