Trade pain

His summit counterparts are trying to convince him to back off the trade conflicts with China and other countries, seeing the disputes as contributing to the overall economic weakening.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham acknowledged on Sunday that Americans would have to "accept the pain" caused by the Trump administration’s trade war with China, but argued the U.S. maintains the advantage.

Michael Purves, CEO of Tallbacken Capital Advisors, is closely watching the divergence between stocks and bonds. In this interview with Alex Rosenberg, Purves makes sense of this discrepancy with an analysis of the differing factors influencing those respective markets. He also explains how an uptick in global economic data could catch many investors offsides.

How can a trader benefit from "Max Pain Theory"? Traders can utilize this concept to their advantage. Option writing can be done near expiry based on this theory, provided other technical indicators also favor the trade. No trade should be taken without extensive study (of technicals or fundamentals of the underlying).

Now Trump is and we’ve just got to accept the pain that comes with standing up to China," Graham told CBS anchor Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation Sunday.

Max Pain: The point at which options expire worthless. The term, max pain, stems from the Maximum Pain theory, which states that most traders who buy and hold options contracts until expiration.

That said, a few more days of trade war fears on full display, and the unwind of the EM will make the recent bursting of the crypto-bubble seem like a gentle stroll in the park. We conclude with Hartnett preview of what to expect in Q2 and specifically, the "pain trade" to come:

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Further, a recent JPMorgan analysis obtained by CNBC estimated that the fallout from the trade war will cost each American household $1,000 each year, wiping out nearly all of the effects of tax breaks included in Republicans’ recent tax code overhaul.